Level Pay Plan

Our Level Pay Plan: Predictable and Consistent Payments each Month

From month to month your propane bill goes up and down.  The weather and how you use your appliances cause these highs and lows.  The Pay Plan can help you to reduce the amount you pay during the winter months.  Allowing you to spread your bills over a 12-month period.  You will pay an average bill each month instead of the actual invoices.

Customers who have been with us for at least one year qualify for the Level Pay Plan.  Once we have received the Pay Plan Enrollment Form it will be affective the following billing cycle.  We review your account on a regular basis to make sure your Level Pay amount is accurate for your current gas use.  Reasons for changes to your Level Pay amount include a substantial change in weather, a change in usage, and a change in gas prices.

At the end of your Level Pay year, we will look at your account and adjust accordingly.  If there is a credit it will be applied to your next Level Pay year.

Pay Plan amounts are due the 15th of each month.  Any payment amount, of the Pay Plan, at the end of the month is considered past due.  Past due amounts will necessitate your removal from the Level Pay Plan.

To enroll, your account needs to be at a zero balance.